P.E.I. Residences

In compliance with German standards, 3 villas with excellent architecture, outstanding design and most modern technics have been built on each appx. 2,500 sqm on Ibiza island.

Any of the 3 villas has its own typical character and is discretely integrated in its surroundings. A generous and open room design creates a fantastic loft character.

Also here, Jan Wichers follows the typical architecture of Ibiza. The design has been completed by planning everything into detail. Single pieces of outstanding beauty and value add to the extraordinary design of the villas.
Headquarter Office Building in Hesse

The building is a listed historic villa originally built 1897/1898 and had partly been destroyed by a fire.

It got now a prestigious interior architecture, contemporary, modern and on the latest technical level. Without eclectic citations, it sensitively fits into the historical mantle.

The material and components are high-grade and exclusive without being loud and obtrusive.

The finishing details have attentively been planned and thoroughly designed respecting the special quality of craftsmanship from former decades.

Loose furniture is classical modern und prestigious, characterizing the very special exclusivity by carefully chosen individual items.
Sophienterrasse Hamburg

Für die Frankonia Eurobau wurde für das Bauvorhaben Sophienterrassen in Hamburg eine Musterwohnung konzeptioniert und entwurfsmäßig durchgeplant.

Cornelia Poletto Gastronomia

In a Wilhelminian Style house in Hamburg-Eppendorf, a former beer bar has been transformed into a restaurant with selling point for fine food.

The evidently contained interior design reflects perfectly the ambitions of a fastidious cuisine.
Golfhotel Budersand

The Golfhotel Budersand is seclusively located in the very south of the island Sylt. The 18th hole of the golf course is ending directly in front of the hotel building.

All 80 rooms have a balcony and a wide panoramic view on a unique landscape.

There are 18 different types of rooms with 5 star interior. A large part of the furniture has been designed by Jan Wichers, handcrafted by wellknown specialists and complemented by selected collector’s pieces.

The public areas of the 5 star hotel have been generously designed : There are several restaurants, club rooms, conference rooms, a bar, a library and exclusive wellness facilities.

Natural materials like linnen, cotton, natural cedar wood , shell lime etc. provide a grand aging of the hotel.
Golfhouse Budersand

The golfhouse is located on the grounds of the former radio operators’ house of the Pidder Lüng Barracks. The architecture follows the original cubage, however alienating the classical stylistic elements in a modern way.

The idea was to contrast with the noble interior of the hotel by finding a more casual but connatural esthetics with the hotel. In this place the golfer immediately feels well and at the same time the golfhouse is a worthy background for presentation ceremonies.

The key to all of this is the island itself. The characteristical natural wood, patinated metal and typical basketwork have been delicately dosed in the club rooms. The athmosphere is welcoming and casual.
Showroom „En Soie“

A new showroom in Calcutta has been designed and realised for „En Soie“, an exclusive Swiss fashion label.
Villa Al Mar

Jan Wichers follows with his design the traditional architecture of Ibiza. It main characteristic is the simple form : cubic parts of different size are being geared.

The house is opening with its total amplitude to the ocean and the sun. Room-high sliding windows enlarge the living to the terrace and put the overwhelming panorama into scene.

The interior rooms have been planned open, the functions flow together and create a generous living area suffused with light, building a platform for modern art and high-class design. The owner’s collection is thereby finding its place in daily life.
Hotel Esplanade, Bad Saarow

Bad Saarow is a place rich with history and a remarkable past of well-known hotels. That also shows in the Hotel Esplanade by the integration of historical basic fabric.

The impression is being dominated by a natural and self-assured style combined with a modern architecture. It takes into consideration the local surroundings avoiding an anonymous, internationally interchangeable ambience with metropolic flair.

Hotel Esplanade Bad Saarow is an altogether convincingly recreative holiday resort allowing the guests to get away from the bustle of everyday’s life.

Natural materials have been used : limed oak, shell lime, sandstone. You find warm colours, natural texture, colourful structures for a harmonic ambience.
Villa El Pinar

The building has been erected on the structure of a finca within a wonderful pine forest. By rebuilding the existing substance it got a living area suffused with light, opening in the south to the new terrace and garden. In the side wing with the patio there are the new guest rooms.

The lucid impression has been created by natural beige stone and light wood. This warm athmosphere is in contrast to the compact pine forest where the original finca is located.

Following the personal wishes of the owner, the house has been designed from inside to outside in order to find the ideal frame for family holidays.
Private Villa in Dubai

For a sheika of the reigning family Al Makthoum in Dubai Jan Wichers planned and built a villa with the complete performance spectrum of basic and detailed design.

The architecture as well as the interior followed a modern interpretation of historical islamic design.

„The industrially manufactured range of products often does not come up to the requirements of our projects. Every detail for any project always has to be profoundly reviewed. Only this allows to achieve a custom-made solution.“